Various cytology and histology studies are carried out in this laboratory.

Laboratory could provide standard and individually tailored services.

Ongoing studies:

  • Casual cytology, histology, immunohistochemical research;
  • Digital analysis of histologic preparations;
  • Development of new dyeing methods of histological preparations;
  • Development and validation of new digital and molecular pathology research methods.

The main equipment used in this laboratory:

  • IN-SITU automatized system of hybridization and immunohistochemical reaction;
  • Large capacity virtual microscopy equipment;
  • Laser microdisection system;
  • GeneMole nucleic acids extraction robot;
  • Cytologic samples collection and automatic cytologic smear from liquid medium preparation system;
  • Micro centrifuge;
  • Micro-atoms;
  • Ventilated hoods;
  • Various types of optical microscopes;
  • Other equipment.

Typical services:

  • Wide spectrum of histologic and cytologic research services;
  • Various immunohistochemical studies;
  • Unique digital histologic preparation analysis methods is developed and validated by laboratory researchers for quantitative parameters of histologic sample evaluation.

In order to get typical services please ask the laboratory and we will send you set of our services. We can develop new dyeing methods for histological preparation according the order, also individually planned digital services could be provided.

Last updated: 2023-09-18, 15:53:44