Centre for Innovative Medicine (CIM) is working as an open access center for scientific researches and experimental development (R&D) since 2014. There are opportunities for scientists and business companies to use the laboratory services provided at CIM. To add, there is interst to broaden collaboration.

We encourage using CIM R&D laboratories services.

Biomedical information and image processing algorithms research laboratory

All kind of Bioinformatics, medical data collection, accumulation and analysis, development of medical images analysis algorithms research are available in this laboratory.

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Immunotechnology research laboratory

Different types of humans, mammals, microbial cells and viruses studies are carried out in this laboratory, using different immunological and immunoenzymatic methods.

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Diseases biomarkers research laboratory

Research of proteins, the final product of recombinant protein biosynthesis process extraction and characterization, search of biomarkers for chronic diseases

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Biopharmacy processes research laboratory

Recombinant proteins studies, development of therecombinant proteins biosynthesis processes and technologies are being carried out in this laboratory.

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Digital and molecular pathology laboratory

Various cytology and histology studies are carried out in this laboratory. Laboratory could provide standard and individually tailored services.

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Laboratory of Stem Cells and their Therapeutic Use

Different kind of humans and animals stem cells studies are carried out in this laboratory.

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