Biomedicine and pre-clinic studies with experimental animals, development of different diseases biomodels in experimental animals and its application to medicines research, development of new treatment methods, toxicity analysis of chemical substances, studies of biologic toxins are provided in this center.

Another field of services are pre-clinic studies of medicines, devices and technologies. Center provides vivarium services for costumer to manage experiments on animals. Experimental and educational surgery could be made while using big animals (pigs, dogs, sheeps and other). This infrastructure of center gives opportunity to breed animals from another countries and take care of transgenic animals. The center has the experience while working with luciferase mice and immunodeficient mice. The center works in the rules of animal welfare (national and FELASA), has main veterinarian permissions and certificates. 

Ongoing research and services: 

  • Development of diseases biomodels in experimental animals;
  • Pre-clinic research of drugs, medical devices and other medical technologies;
  • Services of experimental animals for biomedical researches.

The main center equipment: 

  • Automatic blood analyser;
  • Automatic biochemical parameters blood analyser; 
  • Vivarium equipment; 
  • small animals (rabbits, guinea pig, rodents) operating room:
  1. big capacity cage autoclave system;
  2. ventilation hoods;
  3. different types of optic microscopes;
  4. other equipment.

Typical services: 

  • Experimental animals breeding and suppliance (lineal mice BALB/c, CBA, DBA/2, CC57W, C57Bl/6J inbred line, Wistar clone rats, guinea pigs, laboratory rabbits); 
  • Big animals acquirement and suppliance for experiments in laboratory vivarium;
  • Maintenance of vivarium experiments;
  • Pre-clinic research (medicines and medical devices); 
  • Diseases biomodels development for researches (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis non-specific inflammations, arthritis biomodels); 
  • Chemical materials toxicity researches;
  • Policlonic and monoclonic antibodies production in animals models; 
  • Experimental operating rooms.

For typical services please contact for biomodels and pre-clinic researches center. We will send You the service package according to Your personal needs. There is opportunity to order the new diseases biomodel, pre-clinic researches protocols, experiments with laboratory animals under personal needs. 

Last updated: 2023-09-18, 15:51:32