Studies and development of biosynthesis processes of recombinant proteins, technologies of stem cells multiplication, development of advanced therapy technologies are carried out in this laboratory. 

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  • The development of recombinant proteins biosynthesis and technologies;
  • The development of stem cells multiplication processes and advanced therapy.

The development of recombinant protein biosynthesis and technologies:

  • Genes engineering works are related to recombinant proteins expresssion system development (cloning, selection of clons, colony selection from one cell originated for future works, studies of cell line stability, the production of working cells banks);
  • Studies of microbial biosynthesis processes and development of microbial biosynthesis technologies (E.coli cells lines);
  • Studies of mammal biosynthesis processes and development of mammal biosynthesis technologies (technologies CHO cells lines);
  • Studies of proteins purification processes, development of the pharmaceutical form and final product storage processes (Targeted protein extraction from the cultural fluid (medium) or intrabodies, refold to native protein structure, purification in different methods, protein fluid concentration and dialysis processes, the final product formulation to pharmaceutical form).

The main equipment used for recombinant proteins biosynthesis development and technologies:

  • Eppendorf gradient PGR devices;
  • Horizontal electrophoresis system;
  • Cells visualization system (Clone select imager);
  • Incubators and shakers for cells cultivation;
  • Glassy Applikon bioreactors (3 L, 7 L and 15 L nominal volume);
  • Feeding profiles formation system (Feeding Box B);
  • Programmable Masterflex peristaltic pump;
  • Mettler Toledo scales;
  • Shakers for crop preparation;
  • 24 mikrobioreactors system (Pall);
  • CO2 shakers for crop preparation;
  • Bioprofile metabolite analyzer.

Studies of stem cells multiplication and advanced therapy technologies development:

  • Stem cells extraction and identification (stem cells are extracted from fat tissue, dental pulp, placenta, membrane of amnion, endometrium, umbilical cord blood and tissue, and other sources). Extracted stem cells are identified by surface markers and differentiation in vitro. The optimization studies of identified cells cultivation in insoluble medium are carried out in small volume laboratory scale.
  • The expansion of stem cells growth (carried out in different types of bioreactors). The multiple bottoms dishes system (growth area 2,5m2) and fibrous bioreactors (growth area 2.1 m2) are used for cells cultures. In order to cultivate stem cells in suspension on micro-carries surface, the pendulous crockery (nominal volume till 1,5l), ordinary type Applikon bioreactors (nominal volume 3l-15l), wavy bags (nominal volume till 10l) and bioreactors with acoustic perfusion (nominal volium 3l-15l) should be used. In bioreactors cultures the phenotype savage and differentiation potential metabolites analysis are evaluated.
  • Stem cells studies for tissue bioengineering (after effectively expanded cells, the studies are carried out in the laboratory in order to apply it for tissue engineering. For example, 3D bio print technology to grow cells in different mediums, on flat surfaces, frames and etc. In order to select stem cells, the comparison of different sources cells proliferation and differentiation in vitro researches are made, the optimal concentrations and interaction with other tissues materials are evaluated. The selected stem cells are used to optimize tissue engineering process parameters, which have to assure survival in bio construct. Formed tissues are cultivated ex vivo, while imitating various 3D conditions in perfuse bioreactors, the qualitative researches of bio construct and evaluation of tissue puberty).

The main equipment used for stem cells expansion and advanced therapy development:

  • II safety class vertical air flow laminar for work with cells in aseptic conditions;
  • CO incubators  and COincubators-shakers for different types of stem cells cultivation;
  • Automatic evaluation system of cells concentration and vitality;
  • Automatic analyzers for insoluble gassed and metabolites profiles identification in cells culture fluid;
  • Different types bioreactors systems – Quantum Cell Expansion System pendulous bioreactor, ordinary type glassy Applikon bioreactor, AppliFlex platform for wavy bags;
  • Liquid nitrogen dewars for long term stem cells storage;
  • Other equipment for physicochemical parameters evaluation and fluids preparation.
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