The State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine serves as a base for PhD studies in biology sciences partnering with Vytautas Magnus University and Nature Research Center.

For more information regarding the organization, duration, course and requirements for doctoral studies, please, inquire to Almantas Šiaurys, email:

Defended dissertations (starting 2010)

JOVILĖ RAUDONIŪTĖ „Pulmonary effects of air pollution: evaluation of toxicity on lung alveolar and airway epithelium in vitro and in vivo
mokslinis vadovas – dr. Rūta Aldonytė
(Biologija – N 010)

ALINA ČEBATARIŪNIENĖ „Towards reconstruction of periodontal tissues using periodontal ligament mesenchymal stem cells“
mokslinis vadovas – dr. Augustas Pivoriūnas
(Biologija – N 010)

UGNĖ JONAVIČĖ „Fundamental and applied studies of human mesenchymal stem cell secretome“
mokslinis vadovas – dr. Augustas Pivoriūnas
(Biologija – N 010)

AUŠRA LIUBAVIČIŪTĖ „The influence of in vitro modulated mesenchymal stem cells on skin regeneration“
mokslinis vadovas – prof. dr. Genė Biziulevičienė
(Biologija – N 010)

JAN ALEKSANDER KRASKO „Anti-cancer efficacy of xenovaccines and autologous vaccines in in vivo laboratory murine models“
Scientific supervisor – dr. Vita Pašukonienė

SYMANTAS RAGAUSKAS „Novel functional and morphological retinal studies using Huntington’s disease R6/2 mouse and strong light-induced retinal damage models“
Scientific supervisor – dr. Giedrius Kalesnykas

TATJANA IVAŠKIENĖ „Specifity and problematic aspects in legal regulation of advanced therapy medicinal products“
Scientific supervisor – dr. Mykolas Mauiricas

IEVA BRUŽAUSKAITĖ „The application of HCN2 expressing human mesenchymal stem cells for the development of biological pacemaker“
Scientific supervisor – dr. Eiva Bernotienė

MINDAUGAS STOŠKUS „Biological significance of IGFBP1 gene expression in t(12;21)(p13;q22)-positive leukemia model“
Scientific supervisor – dr. Audronė Eidukaitė

NERINGA DOBROVOLSKIENĖ „Functional properties of in vitro modulated dendritic cells“
Scientific supervisor – dr. Vita Pašukonienė

ARTUR JAVMEN “Production of different β-glucan preparations and investigation of their impact on the immune system componentsin vitro and in vivo
Scientific supervisor – dr. Mykolas Mauricas.

INESA ARŠTIKYTĖ “Biologic therapy in patients with autoimmune arthritis”
Scientific supervisor – prof. dr. Irena Butrimienė.

GIEDRĖ RAMANAUSKAITĖ „Investigation of the influence of bone marrow stem cells on skin regeneration in BALB/c mouse modelį in vivo
Scientific supervisor – prof. dr. Genė Biziulevičienė

GINTARAS SŪDŽIUS “Changes of the immune system in the pathogenesis of primary Sjögren’s syndrome”
Scientific supervisor – dr. Almantas Šiaurys.

VINCAS URBONAS “Biomarkers of bacteremia and sepsis in pediatric oncology patients with febrile neutropenia”
Scientific supervisor – dr. Audronė Eidukaitė.

VAIDILĖ STRAZDIENĖ “Associations between vitamin D, bone mineral density and physical performance in the elderly, and relationship of VDR gene BsmI polymorphism with Severe postmenopausal osteoporosis”
Scientific supervisor – prof. dr. Vidmantas Alekna

MAKSIM BRATČIKOV “Development of a multiple-run high-resolution melting assay for Salmonella spp. genotyping”
Scientific consultant – dr. Mykolas Mauricas.

RIMA PILIČIAUSKIENĖ “Relationship of bone turnover and structure indices with serum lipids and components of metabolic syndrome”
Scientific supervisor – prof. dr. Vidmantas Alekna

INGRIDA JACEVIČIENĖ “Epidemiology, diagnostics and immunoprophylaxis of rabies in wild and domestic animals in Lithuania”
Scientific supervisor – prof. habil. dr. Vytas Tamošiūnas

VYTAUTAS KAŠĖTA “Investigation of bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell migration during inflammation in BALB/c mice”
Scientific supervisor – prof. dr. Genė Biziulevičienė

VIRGINIJUS TUNAITIS “Analysis of in vitro functions of mesenchymal stem cells isolated from different human tissues”
Scientific consultant – dr. Augustas Pivoriūnas

MARIUS STRIOGA “Expression of biomarkers, representing immunosuppressive, cytotoxic or immunomodulating properties of CD8h T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of patients with immunogenic cancer forms”
Scientific supervisor – prof. dr. Dainius Characiejus