Laboratory of Stem Cells and their Therapeutic Use

Different kinds of human and animal stem cells studies are carried out in this laboratory (tissue engineering, development of diseases biomodels in vitro and biomodels of artificial human tissue, stem cells differentiation into cartilage and bone tissue).

Standard outsourcing services and individual tailored services are provided in this laboratory.

 Ongoing studies:  

  • Research of human and animal stem cells;  
  • Human tissue engineering;
  • Research of stem cells secretary;
  • Research of stem cells use in neurodegenerative, rheumatic, heart diseases fields.

The main equipment used in this laboratory: 

  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation system of nucleic acids and other biomarkers; 
  • Cells incubators with controllable CO2 environment. 
  • Laminar boxes;
  • Microscopic system with laser scanner; 
  • Flow cytometer;
  • Chemiluminescence, fluorescence and autoradiographic system for colonies counting and densitometry documentation;
  • Micro fibrous bottling and analysis system;
  • Ultracentrifuge; 
  • Different types of optic microscopes; 
  • other equipment.


Typical services:

  • Effect of different types of material on cells in vivo models;
  • Preparation and analysis of cells samples with flow cytometer (cell identification, qualitative and quantitative analysis);
  • Analysis of cells with confocal microscope (dyed samples research, vital cells cultures long-term observation research);
  • Centrifugation and ultracentrifugation services for cellular and sub-cellular structures

The amount and price of the services depend on costumer specification needs (samples numbers, parameters numbers). The price of individually planned services depends on a client specification needs (the aim of research, the results sought).  The plan of services is In all cases services plan is combined with a client in all the cases.

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