Department of experimental, preventive and clinic medicine

PhD Diana Mieliauskaitė

Head of department, chief researcher, otorhinolaryngologist
+370 5 2618130

Research studies and experimental development are implemented in this department.

The aim is to examine, develop and transfer new technology in health care practice: methods of diagnostics and treatment, medical devices, advanced therapy technologies, digital solutions, the methodology of preventive health care and etc.

The main areas of  the research studies:

  • Rheumatology
  • Cardiology 
  • Phototherapy
  • Medical imaging technology
  • Digital medicine

Department starts scientific research in resort science area. The greatest achievements of the department are in these fields:


  • Development of the unified blood vessel examination methodology for patients with connective tissue diseases.
  • Research on joint tissue. Tasks:
    • to evaluate experimental effective  photosensitizer  or nanoparticle impact for inflammatory joint tissue;
    • to evaluate light therapeutic effect for joint tissues;
    • to select the most selective photosensitizers or synthesized nanoparticles for the destruction of inflammatory synovia.
  • The search for  diagnostic tools of aggressive synovial fibroblasts in vitro and studies of the links with the course of arthritis
  • Biomedical research of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis arthritis, ankylosis arthritis.
  • Research on systemic sclerosis in animal biomodels. Research on phototherapy opportunities for systemic sclerosis skin complications-scleroderma- treatment.
  • Biomedical research on Sjogren’s syndrome:
    • To analyze the frequency of primary and secondary Sjogren’s syndrome;
    • To evaluate risk factors and predictors of lymphoproliferation;
    • To develop methods for disease management.


  • Development of the methods and devices for monitoring of heart activity;
  • Development of telemedicine technologies for cardiology;
  • Research of smart devices application in cardiology;
  • Research on myocardial infarction treatment using upper threshold electrostimulation.


  • Studies of light impact on connective tissue;
  • Studies of photosensitizers;
  • Development of phototherapy technologies.

 Digital medicine and bioinformatics

  • Studies of medical imaging technology;
  • Development of smart devices for motoring of human physiological functions;
  • Development  of telemedicine.

Chief Researcher

Senior Researcher

PhD Sigita Stropuvienė


Junior Researcher (project)

Chief Researcher

PhD Rita Rugienė

Senior researcher

Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, Junior Researcher (project)


Chief Researcher


Junior Researcher

Biostatistician (project)


PhD Diana Mieliauskaitė Head of department, chief researcher, otorhinolaryngologist
Prof. Aleksandras Laucevičius Chief Researcher
Prof. PhD Jelena Čelutkienė Chief Researcher
Prof. PhD Jolanta Dadonienė Chief Researcher
PhD Gailutė Kirdaitė Senior Researcher
PhD Rita Rugienė Senior Researcher
PhD Alma Čypienė Researcher
PhD Sigita Stropuvienė Researcher
PhD Ramūnas Janavičius Researcher
Anžela Slušnienė Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, Junior Researcher (project)
PhD Dalia Miltinienė Junior Researcher
Petras Navickas Junior Researcher (project)
Regina Šakalytė Rheumatologist
Skirmantė Rusonienė Junior Researcher,Pediatric Rheumatologist
Roma Puronaitė Biostatistician (project)
Kristina Galiauskienė Laboratory  Assistant
Lijana Gerasimienė General Practice Nurse
Irena Voronecka General Practice Nurse
Beatričė Valatkaitė – Rakštienė PhD Candidate
Ieva Talijūnienė doktorantas
Jurgita Mikolaitytė PhD Candidate
Simonita Alaburdė PhD Candidate
Vija Vainutienė PhD Candidate