Immunotechnology research laboratory

Different types of humans, mammals, microbial cells and viruses studies are carried out in this laboratory, using different immunological and immunoenzymatic methods. In order to develop biomodels of diseases, the laboratory carries out the studies of immune processes in cells cultures and animals biomodels, cells transfection are used in this laboratory.

Immunotechnology research laboratory provides standard outsourcing research services and individually planned services.   


Ongoing studies:

  • Humans immune cells surface markers studies;
  • Studies of various diseases immune mechanisms;
  • Development of immunoenzymatic methods for in vitro diagnostics;
  • Development of biosensors;
  • Search of disease and immunotherapy monitoring biomarkers;
  • Cytokinetics studies of immune system cells in vivo using visualization methods.


The main equipment used in this laboratory::

  • IVIS Spectrum in vivo visualisation system;
  • Cells incubator with controllable CO2 environment;
  • LLaminar bucks;
  • Equipment for cells transfection and hybridization;
  • FACS Calibur cytometer-cells sorter;
  • 15 parameter flow cytometer- cells sorter for human immune cells surface antigens and receptors researches (FACSaria III);
  • Imunospot equipment;
  • Different types optic microscopes ;
  • Other.


Typical services:

  • Cytokinetics studies of immune system cells in vivo using visualization methods;
  • Cells sorting;
  • Cells samples preparation and examination with flow cytometer (studies of various surfaces antigens and expression of receptors researches, cells identification and quantitative analysis);
  • Studies of cells activity researches activation, proliferation, differentiation, phagocytosis and other parameters).

The typical services price and amount depends on costumer submitted specifications (samples, parameters, marks numbers and etc). Individually planned services price depends on costumer submitted specifications (the aim of research, results) and in all cases the plan is combined with client.

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