Department of Immunology

dr. Mykolas Mauricas

Head of Department
+370 5 2469248,

Fundamental and applied scientific research, experimental development in immunology, cell culture technologies and immune analysis field, as well as biology doctoral studies, educational activities are implemented in the Department of Immunology of State Research Institute for Innovative Medicine. The department researchers carries out the long-term scientific research and experimental development programm called “Cellular and molecular immunity researches in biological models in vitro and in vivo”. The main attention paid to characterization of immunity state in case of pathology, search of the objective bio markers for diseases diagnostics and immunotherapy effectiveness motoring. The department is increasing mice, rats monoclonic antibodies collection and it also provides mice, rabbits, rats  and chickens origin polyclonal antibodies production.

While doing scientific researches immunology department collaborates with Lithuanian and foreign countries science institutions and business companies. The main immunology department partners are: 

-Vilnius University

  • National Cancer Institute
  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University  
  • Karolinska Institute( Sweden)
  • August Kirchenstein microbiology and virology Institute (Latvia ) 
  • Business companies as Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics, BIOTECHPHARMA, Biocenter, Innovative Pharma Baltics and others.

10 doctorates are studying in this department.


The email addresses of IMC employees are made as shown below (Lithuanian diacritics are not used):
First letter of the
If the employee has two names, the first letter of his/her first name is used in the email address.

Dainius Characiejus

Senior Researcher

Aušra Nemeikaitė – Čenienė


Irena Dumalakienė

Senior Researcher

Natalija German

Senior Researcher
Dr. Mykolas Mauricas Head of Department, Chief Researcher
Dr. Dainius Characiejus Senior Researcher
(HP) Dr. Audronė Eidukaitė Senior Researcher
Dr. Irutė Girkontaitė  Chief Researcher
(HP) dr. Almira Ramanavičienė Senior Researcher
Dr. Irena Dumalakienė Senior Researcher
Dr. Almantas Šiaurys Senior Researcher
Dr. Aušra Nemeikaitė-Čėnienė Researcher
Dr. Natalija German Senior Researcher
Dr. Asta Kaušaitė-Minkštimienė Researcher
Anton Popov Junior Researcher
Jurgita Juršėnaitė Junior Researcher
Rita Vilienė Junior Researcher
 Ieva Narkevičiūtė Junior Researcher, PhD candidate
Evelina Gorbikova PhD candidate
Milda Gritėnaitė PhD candidate
Ilona Paulauskaitė PhD candidate
Sima Garberytė  PhD candidate
Agnė Žiniauskaitė PhD candidate